The Love That Dares To Speak Its Name

In light of yesterday’s fantastic Easter-inspired addition to www.mydirtiestfantasy, we thought you might like this. A rather kinky interpretation of the Jesus story by the poet James Kirkup. Published in 1976, it was instantly controversial. It’s not difficult to see why.

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  1. HAIL SATAN FUCK CHRIST…but I’m still christian cos I need to Sin and blaspheme a lot, and I enjoy it ! Always thought the guy wa so FUCKING HOT as he’s pictured : nailed on that sacred cross in nothing more than a tight Sexy cloth, barely hiding his genitals and his – without any doubt- massive COCK!!! …..O, if only I could ‘ve joined those wild , young , horse-hung Horny Roman soldiers, torturing , raping ,forcing him without mercy to Suck their giant dicks, pissing all over the unholy motherfucker Christ before nailng the lying bitch on that blessed cross ! I still enjoy desacralising crucifixes by spitting , pissing and cumming all over them , using them as my favorite Dildo’s , same with statues and images of his fucking mum , unvirgin Mary , god’s own Whore , cursing loud while doing so , and making short but exciting vid’s of that blessed action !

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