Review: Make me cum! – Erik Devil

Gotta admit, guys, I was more than a little intrigued when those horny fuckers at My Dirtiest Fantasy told me that they’d just filmed Spanish top guy, Erik Devil, acting in a much more submissive role than we’ve all become accustomed to. My first thoughts were that they were joking; but when they shot across some of the stills I realised that there’s clearly a whole lots more to this handsome stud than first meets the eye.

What’s more, when they sent the video across soon afterwards my cock began to twitch with the kind of kinky interest that’s become all too much of a familiar part of my life.

Which is why I love My Dirtiest Fantasy so fucking much!

Erik Devil tied to a chair

Anyway, if the thought of Erik being strapped to a chair by his wrists, with his shorts around his ankles gets you as excited, then I think you’re in a right ball-busting treat here.

Of course, it’s one thing to have yourself tied down like that, there’s also the question of who’s gonna be acting as the dominant. And on this occasion it’s none other than the legendary Timmy Treasure, who I know for a fact had been dying to get his hands on Erik’s cock for fucking ages.

Erik Devil tied to a chair and being touched by Timmy Treasure

And suffice it to report, it doesn’t take many minutes for Timmy to have Erik out of his pants. At which point, the oil comes out – and believe me when I tell you that Timmy’s more than generous.

To be honest, being cuffed like that has been a fantasy of mine since I don’t when, and I know from lots of your mails that I’m not alone in that. Well if this display is anything to go by then it’s a very well-deserved dream; with Erik’s eyes literally rolling in their sockets as Timmy rubs every inch of his torso and crotch, his handsome dark dick drooling generously in the process.

Timmy Treasure stroking Erik Devil cock whilst tied to a chair

Given the sheer unadulterated kinkiness of the scenario, I’ve got to admit that it wasn’t very long before I was creaming myself silly from this horned up display; and I have a distinct feeling it’s a situation that’s gonna be repeated by guys across the globe. There’s just something so fucking amazing about watching this top dog being held down and worked over; and the fact that it turns out that this was one of Erik’s biggest fantasies that the guys at My Dirtiest Fantasy have helped make come true only turns me on even more.

Geez, is there no wish that these guys can’t help turn into boned-up reality??

In the end, of course, it’s perhaps not a great surprise that even a hard-hitting fucker like Erik Devil can’t hold out forever; and before you know it Timmy’s working the chap up to a creamy crescendo. A fitting climax if ever there was one.

Erik Devil after cumming, Timmy Treasure still touching cock

Between you and me, though, Timmy had to go and knock one out immediately after all this. And to be honest, it’s no fucking wonder.

I’m thinking of doing exactly the same right now just thinking about it again!

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