Pup Davey Interview

We all love Pup Davey!

He is such a good performer, who loves to have his asshole wrecked in every possible way. That’s a very good attribute isn’t it? But he is also also a really nice and fun guy, who brings a special light to the studio everytime he walks in. So… our director, Timmy Treasure, wanted to bring you guys a bit more of him! His most personal side, of course, sex related. But I am sure that you will get to know him a bit better.

So Timmy wrote an interview for him, but he was so generous that made a video answering the questions! So YOU ALL can watch it!!!……. Or was not like that? Maybe he did a video just for Timmy, but then he decided to make it publish for all of you?….. well, you will need to find out watching the video.

Of course, with consent. We don’t wanna go to jail just yet ?

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  1. Love this guy so much and his sexy attitude to life. It must be so good to fuck that beautiful, wrecked hole. Wow! But he is also so cute and sweet, and this interview shows how lovely he is.

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