My first time watching Pup Davey’s ass and more experiences!

The assistant.

Hi, wankers! My name is Y and I’m one of Timmy Treasure’s assistants. Lately I’ve been in charge of editing the photos and videos of My Dirtiest Fantasy. Going to the shootings and watch the actors fuck live is also an important part of my job also because it can give me ideas at the time of creating the audiovisual material!

I started working for Timmy 4 months ago and I’m still processing the first day I worked for him. BDSM is such a wide world, it’s a culture, and it’s a way to express yourself through sex, it’s almost like an art. Must be an art.

Timmy’s amazing, I don’t say so just to kiss his ass because he’s my boss, no, I really think he’s a professional and someone to look up to. As a retired model, he’s very good at guiding our actors to make the most of our scenes, and he’s taught me all I learnt lately. Thank you, professor! Also, he knows how to create a good productivity and work environment. And the actors who work with Timmy are mostly very interesting people! And today I want to talk about them and I want to talk about their work.

Some of the models.

Erik Devil, Pup Davey, Galiel Swan, Angel Black, Izan Loren, Craig Kennedy…

All of them have remarkable strenghts as porn models; Erik never fails having a hard-on and give the best cumshots to the camera. He’s young, beautiful and has attitude. If you fell in love with him, nobody can blame you. Galiel is so pure as a person, but we know he isn’t when recording! Angel is latin passion, tastiness and a submissive excelent bottom. Izan is funny, and he really lights up the vibe when we are working. Craig… well, no words. He’s perfect, from head to foot, every detail of him, and he knows about the importance of mental health! I really like when he talks about his ideas of projects in twitter about helping LGTBQ+ people who suffered some kind of abuse. You know how much I support you on that, Craig.

But… Pup Davey’s ass…

But… There’s someone I’d like to talk about too. And that is… Pup Davey.

Pup Davey is so funny! He also loves being bitchy; last time I had to clean a dildo for him he told me to do that and he also said; are you happy you got this job? Yeah, I love cleaning dildos for you, don’t ask me that as if it was boring or worse to clean dildos than being a camera or a director! But no hard feelings, Davey, you are such a great model and it was enjoyable to help you with your make-up or talk about whatever, but where you surprised me the most was when you showed me your ass. Yes, your ass is another universe, look at these photos! I never seen something like this! I was totally tripping! My mouth was wide open while watching! Your ass could swallow the whole galaxy! I could remember that I was working between all the surprise I was feeling and I was able to make a video with my phone, the scene hasn’t come out yet, so this is a little behind the scenes preview:

And this is actually nothing for him. You’re going to watch even more hardcore stuff on his scenes.

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  1. speclm -the way to explore the delightful depths of the anus….this one is the best and safest I have ever seen.I was always scared of nipping some anal tissue when I used only the vaginal model -dont use in an ass!

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