Mechanophilia: Machine Lovers

What was so kinky about doing it on the car?

You already know that in we explore all kinds of fetishes. There’s one though that I think we haven’t got too much into it, and that one is the mechanophilia. (or mechaphilia if you want to save words when talking).

The thing is, people who have mechaphilia get so fucking excited when they are around machines or technology, I read on the internet about guys who had sex with their cars or people who develop somehow as a love relationship with their machines. What’s better than the internet to discover about the weirdest shit you could ever find?

But no judgement here, you got to admit; if you have mechanophilia you are weird as hell, not so many people can enjoy sex and affection with machines, and if you do that, you are also special. And being weird ain’t a bad thing.

This is a message to Timmy Treasure, our beloved and almighty director; when will we have an scene where two guys have sex with a fridge? Or maybe a vacuum cleaner? Think about it; who’s gonna blow cock better than a vacuum cleaner? It could compete with the other model who’s sucking cock in the scene, first the model sucks cock and then the vacuum cleaner; the competition will be won by whoever sucks better, ideas have a prize, and I’m giving you a free one. Give me a raise.

Last scene reminded me so much about this fetish… Cum Maniac has a strange way of doing things, and I’m sure there was something more into the producers minds when they thought about putting Erik Devil on that car.

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