Last Christmas, I gave you my ass!

Last Christmas, I gave you my ass…

But the very next day, you fucked my best friend.

This year, I’m fucking your dad!

And also, I’m fucking your cousin!

These lines could serve as inspiration for a series of our videos. However, we already had enough inspiration with Oli Smith and Nico Vegas. We hope you had an amazing Christmas season and that you enjoyed our scenes! Today, we’ll talk a bit about how it was to record and edit these scenes.

Innocence and perversion.

Oli Smith still has a long way to walk when it comes to being a porn actor, but the potential he’s been unleashing lately is enormous. He knows how to pretend being a 18 years old that doesn’t knows what he’s doing. He has the naivety in his eyes and the purity of haven’t been corrupted yet. But hey, maybe he knows more than he’s letting us know! Anyway, Nico Vegas is there to show him everything he needs to experience and to fully corrupt his elf!

He’ll start slow, lubricating his ass with spit and drooling like a baby for that hole, because in no time he’s going to be stretching his arse with dildos as you can see in the main picture!

Are you going to miss how he fucks Oli Smith? Join us now and watch!

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