Grabby Awards 2023

Nominated at the Grabbys Awards 2023!

Last month we had the privilege to assist the Grabbys Awards 2023! A lot of models we have been working with and some of the ones we worked with in the past were nominated for an award, along with My Dirtiest Fantasy as a producer.

The Scarecrow; one of our scenes of that were nominated along others!

Hotels & Parties!

The celebration of the Grabbys Awards 2023 was in the 22th of April in the Hotel Ritual in Torremolinos, but before that, every model and producers had the chance of having a room in the Hotel Ritual and spend a weekend there with all kinds of parties every night of that weekend!

If you’ve never had a vacation time in Torremolinos in Spain, you certainly need to go! There’s a lot of gay tourism waiting for you; along with sun, sea, sex, cocktails, palm trees… That will be a trip you’ll remember!

Look at that pool and that bar!

Some videos before the saturday night of the prizes having a good time with Erik Devil and Angel Black!

The hotel we spent the nights in was amazing; it had a pool, gym, sauna, breakfast service, lots of partying… It was a paradise! Also, meeting your neighbours was so easy since the balconies were pretty close one to another. Besides, talking about the balconies, if you spend those nights there, I’m sure that you didn’t miss the models recording for their OnlyFans in the balconies or just having sex for the public for fun. That’s how crazy and fun Torremolinos can be!

The first night we went to the Falcon / Naked Sword Masquerade opening party! Everybody was wearing a masquerade mask and Chi Chi LaRue hosted the party, such a DRAG LEGEND. Drinks, sytilish surroundings and chilled tunes were the vibe of the night!

As I said before we had the chance of meeting current and models of the past as in; Erik Devil, Trent, Craig Kennedy, Lucas Lovestone, Manuel Scalco, etc… Everybody was looking so beautiful and everything with them was so entertaining! And I, the writer of this, got to meet David Hollister! He’s such a funny guy, also, he’s older than I thought, and that can only mean he’s well preserved at his age!

The second night three parties were happening at the same time! Two at the AQUA EMPORIO place, one at the top floor and the other one at the lower floor! On the top floor lights were shining and flickering like crazy as you could see twink sex scenes on TVs! At the lower floor you could watch models having sex live at the pallets of the disco! But are you wondering about the third party? It was at the AQUA BUNQUER, and guess what? We are talking about a CRUISING PARTY! Techno music, shows, cruising cabins, glory holes, sex cinema, etc. This is the kind of places that are waiting for you if you go to Torremolinos!

And the last but not least important! The night of the prizes!

We got to see one of our productions as nominated for the prizes!

We want to thank the Grabbys Awards 2023 for recognizing our work and for such an amazing weekend!


  1. Hello!

    I would love to ask you some questions about your experience at the Grabbys this year. I was looking for a way to contact you but could not find any!

    Thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate it! 🙂


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