Gay Sauna: The first time!

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Many people send us messages wanting to become models or just to show appreciation. But this time one of our fans who watched the second episode of our current STX International College season knew by our “Behind The Scenes” videos that we were recording in a gay sauna!

Driven by the desire to be in the models of the scene’s position, he started telling us about his first experience on a gay sauna and gave us ideas for future videos… We won’t tell about who he is yet because of his petition, but here it goes:

The Beginning Of The Night.

“I never went to a gay sauna before but I always wanted to try, I think I felt a bit shy but after I got inside the first time, I absolutely cut loose.

Dancing in a LGTB disco with some friends, when it was 2am; one of them decided to cap off the night by going the four of us to a gay sauna. I was so drunk I didn’t even knew at the time where we were going but once I got in, I didn’t want to come out. Oh my, of course not.

So I was still a bit conscious of what we were doing, I closed the door behind me, wanting to experience the whole thing; when you’re a twenty years old twink you dream about having the time of your life with a hot muscle daddy around his thirty with a hairy chest, smooth beard, swart with hazel eyes… or at least that was my fantasy since I gave away almost all of my cum watching Dani Robles’s videos. I knew I was going to have a lot of sex.

First of all, we went to the steam sauna part, and I was surrounded by all kinds of men like in the rest of the gay bathhouse, I thought that everybody could get out satisfied from that place because it was like choosing your favorite flavor of lollipop, the fact that it was friday night helped a lot.

Sitting in the wooden bench, I could feel how some drops of sweat slipped through my hairless body.”

Some of the sex.

“Some guys of my age sat right next to me, they were skinny but hot, with a kinky look with them, a bundle body, degraded and mohawk hair, wearing one or two piercings…

One of them started removing my towel, and the other one put his hand on my balls so the other could jerk my cock off, that gave me so much pleasure and I couldn’t avoid to sigh out from all of morbidity they were making me go through. But without even noticing, one of them was already sucking my dick.

Between all of the arousal I turned to one of my friends and I showed him how good my night was going; he bite his lips and told me that I shouldn’t cum yet because there was still a lot of fun ahead. So, I enjoyed some more minutes of that blowjob and then I tried to get out to leave two thirsty guys in the steam room. I felt like I used their mouths without returning the favor, so I put their both dicks in my mouth, open as wide as I could and playing with my tongue, I made them moan for a while, and one or two minutes later I left.

Following my friend, I could watch the rest of the place; glory holes, sex cabins, a dark room and even a jacuzzi.”

The first cumshot.

“I was feeling my dick swallowed since I put my cock inside the glory hole and I just got carried away by the suction, I supported my head and body on the wall. The sucking was amazing and I got to a point where I needed to know who was behind it, so I went to the other side of the wall.

A cute guy, a little shorter than me, with a beard told me to give him some milk, so I just let him blow me until my balls exploded out the first cumshots inside his throat. I almost even got kind of dizzy, I wasn’t recovered from that when he made me turn around, go to the nearest sex cabin and used my hole for his own pleasure. I was surprised that he was fucking me so easily, but I also thought that my hole had dilated before with the heat of the place and also with how horny I was already… His tool perfectly bounced in and out of my hole.”

Fulfilling my fantasy and the end of the night.

“I noticed two hot muscle guys on his thirties beside of us also fucking very hard and I knew I found what I was looking for.

While I was being pounded I gave some lewd eyes to one of them and I started touching his abs that were contracting while he was pounding another guy who was throwing cumshots on his own pecs and part of his face while the cock was giving him anal pleasure.

But I also felt how the guy who made me cum before was already making me pregnant.

After that, I got into the jacuzzi with the guy I gave lewd eyes to and he started to fuck me really hard after using my mouth and when I thought I had no more energies I came for the second time while he was filling my ass with his big uncut cock.

Suddenly, the first shades of light at 6am were starting to appear on the dark sky and I noticed that I spent the whole night having sex, a night I would never forget”.

What do you think about this night? I got hard reading it!

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