Edging – How to do it right? (Guide)

Letting someone else take control of your cock, while you are totally defenseless and unable to move, generates within you a feeling of total surrender.

Imagine that little by little, your cock is being massaged and stimulated, from top to bottom, slowly, with the right pressure and rhythm. Your body is getting more excited, but at the same time, without control over what is happening to it. It is the other person who decides whether to make you more excited, or to stop, or if he wants to bring you to the brink of orgasm and then stop dead in his tracks, and leave you feeling frustrated by wanting so strongly to achieve it, but preventing you get it, being so close.

Sometimes you just can’t take it anymore and your cock just explodes giving off squirt and squirt. Other times, if the other person has enough control and technique, he could take you to the edge as many times as he wants, until at the end, he decides it’s time for you to finish, with a tremendous cum shot. That kind of orgasm is epic, and it can surprise the amount of pleasure that can be reached, and the amount of sperm that can be released. At that moment you touch the sky.

But again, you remain exposed and at the mercy of the person who milks you, deciding what to do. If he wants to be good to you, he will end with a gentle massage, caressing your eggs and your cock delicately, to finish leaving her to rest. If, on the other hand, he wants to be bad, he will continue rubbing your tail roughly, squeezing it and rubbing his hand against your glans so that you twist, due to the sensitivity of your glans after a great orgasm, until when you can’t do anything , your body reacts ceasing to feel stimuli in that area, as a protection measure.

Be that as it may, it is a highly recommended experience for everyone. We at My Dirtiest Fantasy love to milk cocks as hard as we can!

If you have never tried it, here is a guide for beginners!

1. Choose a pose:

It is important to plan in which posture this practice will be carried out. It can be lying on your back, sitting in a chair, standing, on all fours … or if you are an expert in bondage, how about suspended from the ceiling? Or if you have a massage table, how about upside down, making a hole at the height of the penis? Use your imagination!

2. Tie your partner

To achieve an adequate physical and mental effect, tying your partner and restricting his movement as much as possible is important. Make sure that his hands and ankles are tied and attached to a solid surface.

Keep in mind, that it is convenient that your legs are slightly separated, since this way, your entire genitals will be more exposed (although this may vary depending on personal tastes, or the desired posture).

3. It stimulates your sense of touch.

It is always appropriate to start with gentle caresses, running your hands over the non-sexual parts of your partner. You can start at the feet, caressing them, and go up his legs feeling the well-formed muscles, squeezing and loosening the pressure, go to his abdomen, without stopping at his genitals, go up to the pecs to finish on the neck … then you can start kissing her neck, and go down to his nipples to lick them the way you like. Don’t forget about the armpits, which are very sensitive and erogenous areas.

At this point, you should have already caused an erection in your partner. If you want to multiply this effect, try to inhibit one of his other senses. Blindfold him, plug his ears, or put a gag on him, and you will see his sensations and sense of touch intensify!

4. Get close to his genitals.

When his mind and body are stimulated and excited, it is time to get to work. Slowly begin to focus on his genital area. Caress the inside of his thighs, his lower abdomen, his pubis, even the perianal area … and then follow by his balls.

There, focus a good time, as that will make him enter the next level. Caress his testicles with both hands, playing with the skin, squeezing them, stretching a little, relaxing them … and at the same time, you can stimulate his nipples or any other erogenous zone of your partner.

By this time, his arousal will be triggered, and if you have taken enough time, his cock will have started to drool with pre-seminal fluid, and his body will be very sensitive, asking you to focus on his cock and give him an orgasm … but of course, the key to success is patience and control.

5. Let him experience pleasure.

At this point, you can start stroking his penis. He will be hard as a stone, crying out to be stimulated. But remember, you are in control, and you are not in the business of satisfying him. At least not yet. Caress his penis very gently, almost without pressing, with a pair of fingers. Little by little, you can continue to grab it and squeeze it, releasing it later. Up to this point, you have completely forgotten his glans, where the center of his pleasure lies. Do not stimulate it yet, and play for a while with all of the above. He caresses his penis, eggs, erogenous zones, for a long time yet, but without masturbating him yet.

When you are tired, it is time for the next step. Slowly pull the skin of your partner’s foreskin down, gradually releasing his glans (if circumcised, go straight to the next). Once you have access to his glans, soak your fingers in saliva (if the cock is already drooling, no need) and gently weigh them around his glans. Your partner will squirm with pleasure and his moans at this point will confirm that you are doing well.

With the other hand, firmly grasp the base of his cock, let yourself know who has the power, and continue playing with his sensitive glans for a long time (remember that it must always be very wet, whether it is saliva, pre-seminal liquid or lubricant ).

After a few seconds, your partner will be crying out for an orgasm and to release all that accumulated tension. At this point, you will realize that having him tied up is really an added bonus, and it is driving him crazy and twisting between pleasure and the urge to explode, putting him in the mental state of submission.

6. The game begins

 You already have him where you wanted. Now he knows that you, and only you, have the reins of his body. You can give or deny him what he wants so much. It is up to you to decide whether you cause him pleasure or agony, and you will realize that the line between the two is exceptionally fine at this time.

Lengthen the smooth game with his glans, until the pleasure he feels becomes agony due to the physical need to release all that tension, and not succeed.

Start masturbating him with more strength and energy, giving him a lot of physical pleasure, and above all mental pleasure, thinking that the orgasm is getting closer. You can change the rhythm, between the energetic for a short period of time, and then move to caress only his glans very slowly. This will make you start to get confused and not know what is going to happen or when.

Remember that at this moment, the ONLY thing that exists in your mind, is the final goal, to achieve orgasm, ejaculate and release all that tension. It is in your hand how and when to get there.

7. How to finish

When you think you have played enough and want to see the final explosion, grab his cock tightly, and jerk him off vigorously, non-stop, at a good pace. In a few seconds, you will see how your partner reaches the most absolute ecstasy, and his ejaculation will be impressive, reaching one of the most intense orgasms he has ever experienced.

8. Become an expert! – Tips:

A very interesting practice is to take him to the very limit of ejaculation, and stop, just before it happens. That will totally break his schemes, both physical and mental, and make him beg you to let him cum.

You can repeat it a few times … and you will notice that the more you repeat it, the bigger your ejaculation will be at the end of the session!

You can try different masturbation speeds, when it comes to reaching orgasm, and see what sensations each one causes. Will he be so aroused that even masturbating very slowly, he will reach orgasm? Or do you prefer to jerk him at full speed so that he cums without any control and without any possibility of preventing it? It depends on you! Try different techniques!

You can also get various effects, if you pass the limit of ejaculation, but you stop jerking off:

Some guys, once the point is crossed, will have an orgasm and ejaculate, even if you are not touching them. It will be funny to see the spasms of his cock as he ejaculates uncontrollably without anyone touching him.

Other guys will suffer what is called a ruined orgasm. His cock ejaculates, but his nervous system does not manage to release all the energy and reach orgasm. This can be quite humiliating and frustrating for the boy. But a lot of fun for you, since surely his cock will still be hard and he will continue to be excited, and if you jerk him again you could make him cum again right away !! This time with a full orgasm !!

People very advanced in this, can even do it several times, ruin the orgasm 3 or 4 times, getting ejaculations in a row, without orgasm until their balls are completely empty, releasing only a few drops as transparent as water in the last one. .

9. After orgasm

Once you have passed the point of orgasm and ejaculation, you can once again decide what to do.

Your partner has already got what he wanted, and will be eternally grateful to you for giving it to him. You can take advantage of being affectionate with him, caress him, kiss him gently, and enjoy the peace that you have given him.

Conversely, you can also choose to continue playing with it a bit longer. After orgasm, his cock will be VERY sensitive. Why not continue massaging it a little more? You will see your partner squirm once more, asking you to stop, and to let him enjoy the post-orgasm peace. This is a good time to remind him that you are now in charge and that he has no control over his cock. It will be awkward for him if you keep massaging him, stroking his glans, and jerking him off, etc after orgasm, but there will come a point where he will calm down, and he will give up. Although it can also happen that if you insist, you get him to ejaculate again !!

We recommend that you experiment with it and explore all the possibilities that this fun practice can unleash! We love practicing it in My Dirtiest Fantasy, that’s why we have many videos where we milk our boys’ cocks in all possible positions and ways! Here you will see a few examples and maybe … get some ideas!

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