Cooking With Flavor 1 & 2!

It was a long time ago since we spoke about some of our scenes or did a review about them. Today I’d like to talk about Cooking With Flavor, one of the latest scenes of

Some ass is about to get spicy.

So I was working at the office when I heard that Timmy was watching some porn videos with food… You know; the typical: “put some cream on my cock and eat it” kind of video. But you already know that Timmy goes hardcore mode and he said: hey, let’s do some scenes with food!

I’m the kind of person who worries a lot about food waste but I just couldn’t even be mad about it since I could eat a big plate of spaghetti cooked by Scott Miller at the end of the recording, did you know he used to be in a kitchen before porn? And no, we didn’t eat the food that was before inside Gabriel’s ass! But… would you stick food inside an ass an then eat it? LEAVE IT IN THE COMMENTS!

We bought all the stuff we needed and we went to the set!

Recognized 712 michelin star or not, she can actually cook!

Let’s go to the part you all care about, yeah, the chili inside the ass. I never tried, I don’t know if you can somehow “taste” the food through the ass. I guess Gabriel felt spicy? He was just enjoying and he didn’t gave any complaint about the chili inside the ass, so why don’t you try it if your reading this?

Yes, do me a favor, grab a chili, of course some lubricant, put the lubricant in the chili, now start to stick it inside your ass. I beg you, leave in the comments how does it feel to have a chili inside your ass! And yes, this is the real reason I’m writing this; because I NEED TO KNOW.

Who knows? Maybe it’s a way to enhance sexual life! If different lubricants can make you feel different kind of ways it’s sure that food has to have an effect! If Timmy worries about something, sure is about to give you ideas to make your sexuality bloom to the maximum!

Bizarre and artistic.

Impressions? I spoke with Scott a while and I realized how great he is, the guy knows and has lived cool stuff. And I didn’t speak much with Gabriel but he is a very good twink: look at his body; he has a perfect womanly body; slim, nice curves, we can pretty much say that he’s beautiful. Scott is too; I love his eyes and tattoos!

Cooking With Flavor still has surprises for us but we can tell for sure how Timmy is mixing drama, comedy and so much more genres in a very inspirational way. It feels so different to edit a normal BDSM scene and then special scenes like this one. I hope you know what I mean. Who knows what Timmy will do next? If you haven’t seen these scenes, you should watch it right now!

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