Chastity for beginners – The ultimate guide

Chastity cage David Luca, AJ Alexander and James Oakleigh

Male chastity is becoming more frequent in the sexual game. Not only people who are into extreme BDSM practice it, but boys of all ages dare to experiment with it.

It is not uncommon to go on twitter and see 18-year-old boys who are still discovering their sexuality, putting their cocks in these chastity devices. Preventing themselves from the possibility of masturbating for several days, or even having any erection.

And it’s having your cock locked, which awakens in the male mind a series of mixed feelings. On the one hand, it awakens a feeling of loss of control over your own body. And not from any part of the body, but from that which represents your masculinity in all its splendor. And coupled with it comes another associated feeling, which is the realization that orgasm, and even more so, masturbation. A practice so deeply ingrained in the human mind, is totally out of reach for as long as it lasts.

The thing even multiplies, when you give the keys of your chastity device to a second person, the key holder. That person gains power over your masculinity in its most physical and mental state, over the capacity of your pleasure. Knowing that as long as that person is in control of the keys, he or she will be the one to decide whether you will have an orgasm again or not, if you can have sex or not, masturbate or not.

All this creates a remarkably interesting and exciting state of mind. Explosively mixing mental and sexual excitement with submission and renunciation of your sexuality.

For all those who want to venture into this practice or who are curious, here is a guide for beginners.


Before launching yourself into a chastity device for two weeks, you must be mentally prepared and know that you are going to face various sensations, physical and mental, for which you must be prepared.

During the first days, your body and your mind will be constantly excited. You will miss masturbation, orgasms, the ability to get hard, and both your mind and body will constantly be thinking about it, which will turn you on. When you get excited, your body will also react trying to give you quite frequent erections. If you get carried away by those thoughts (I assure you, it is not pleasant for your body to try to get an erection when you are wearing a chastity device). But that is what it is about? right?).

My recommendation is that before launching into the adventure, try to endure several days without sex and without masturbation. For example, try to stay a full week without having orgasms, and when you overcome it without problem, you will be closer to being able to wear your device for a longer period of time.

Chastity Lock


A large chastity device will present several problems. It will allow you to have semi-erections, which will be quite painful. If the ring that goes through the scrotum and the penis is very large, the device will move, not doing its job either. And if it is very small, it will be practically impossible to put your cock in it, or the ring may cut off your circulation, which can cause serious problems.

Therefore, be sure to measure your flaccid penis well to choose the appropriate size.

Also measure the circumference that forms around your testicles and your penis, with a tape measure. Make it just right but don’t squeeze. The rings are measured by the diameter. But we all know how to get the diameter out, knowing the circumference, right? [Dividing the circumference by Pi (3.14)].

You will also have to decide the material and the form of it. There are many options of all prices and shapes. Normally the cheapest ones, are not well finished, they may have small ridges that can irritate or scratch the skin. There are also devices with urethral probes, but since we assume that you are a beginner, we will leave that for later.

Chastity Alexis Clark


Once you have device arrives, it is time to put it on and lock your cock! Task which is not easy if it is your first time. Simply the idea of ​​it will excite you so much that your cock will become as hard as a stone. Preventing you from putting on the chastity device.

My advice: Sit somewhere comfortably, with your cock in the air, and prepare your chastity device next to you. Take your phone, and start playing a game which you like (or you can do the same with an xbox, or anything that distracts your attention) and after five minutes, you will see how your mind is so distracted that it has forgotten to tell your cock what is about to happen, so it will be relaxed. At that point, grab the device and put it on your penis quickly, before it gets hard, and close it. You will experience for the first time what it is like to have an erection with a chastity device on.

Don’t worry, go back to your game and in a few minutes that will have calmed down. But prepare yourself to suffer the same fate every time you remember you are wearing it, at least for the first few hours.


If you carry your device for several days, it is important to clean it daily with water. It is not necessary to remove it since most devices have perforations and holes that allow cleaning. When urinating, the device may get a little wet (they all have a hole for peeing). So it is important to clean it daily. Also, it may be that when you are constantly excited during those first hours, some of the pre-seminal liquid will flow down your dick. Your underwear will also end up a little wet! Things that happen! Clean it daily! And if you wear it for a long period of time. It is recommended to remove it at least once a week for a thorough cleaning of the device and your penis.


This is one of the difficult parts. And yes, we are men, and our penis sometimes has a life of its own. You may not realize how many times your cock gets hard throughout the night, until you have put on a chastity device, and you realize that your dick wants to get up 4 or 5 times throughout of the night. Unable to do so, you will wake up. And yes, you think your cock is going to explode. You will have to go to the bathroom, distract yourself, and try to get that down. You can also play a quick game of that game that you like so much to distract you.

The first nights will be hard. It is important that the device is of the right size, since otherwise, as we have said before, things will get ugly since it will surely hurt a lot with these forced night erections.

If you are new to this, it is still a good idea that you get used to wearing it during the day, and that you leave it on the nightstand at night, until you get used to it and gradually introduce it also at night.


Your scrotum may be slightly irritated by the rubbing of the ring against the base. It is recommended to apply some moisturizer or lubricant in the area so that the friction is less, usually a couple of times a day. Especially at night, before going to bed.

If you give the keys to someone, they should be trusted. And it is important that you always have a security key located. Otherwise, you should have a controlled emergency key.

It is important to keep pubic hair as short as possible as this will avoid discomfort or pulling.

If this is your first time, start by wearing the device for a few hours. You can start lengthening the time when you get used to it, learning to control your physical reactions.

If you end up getting the taste of chastity, you will begin to notice how this excitement, anger will pass. You will eventually stop thinking about it, and you will end up accepting it as part of your day to day. most likely you may begin to experience certain mental changes, sexual pleasure will cease to be so important in your life and you may begin to rediscover yourself. Also you will focus more on your partner, if you have one, on communication, on their pleasure, and he/she will do the same with you, feeling more attached to you, in charge of your sexuality and pleasure. But hey, all that comes with time.

Chastity david Luca, James Oakleigh and Master AJ Alexander

Final notes

Chastity can be an incredibly fun and exciting thing. In a future article, we will talk about the many possibilities of sexual entertainment that you can have in chastity, with your keyholder.

I hope you liked this beginner’s guide! And if you want to empty your balls before getting fully into your chastity device, don’t forget to visit our website (click here to open in a new tab). Where you can also find some scenes where the boys also wear chastity devices.

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