Anal Sex: The Definitive Guide.

Anal sex is an increasingly standardized sexual practice, and of course, in the gay world it is one of the most common, since having no vagina, the anus is one of the few holes through which we can insert the penis. But the wonderful thing about this practice is not only the pleasure it gives to the one who introduces his penis, but also the one who receives it, he also experiences strong pleasurable sensations, both physically and mentally.

This time we will explain how to do it correctly, so that it becomes one of the most exciting and fun practices on your sexual agenda.

To understand anal sex, it is essential to understand how the entire area works, and what anatomy it has, both externally and internally.

If we start from the outside, the first thing we will find is the anus. The anus is the hole that exists at the end of the digestive tract, where waste materials leave the body. It is made up of two sphincters, an outer one (which we can control at will) and an inner one (which works unconsciously).

Then, once the anus has been overcome, we find the rectum. The rectum is the segment of the digestive tract above the anus, where stool is retained for compaction before leaving the body through the anus. Keep in mind that the rectum is about 15 cm long, after which there is a fold of the intestine called the sigmoid colon.

Once we know the basic physiology of the area, we can begin to understand several things, which are very important for anal sex to be pleasant, and which we will see later.


Below we will explain several basic and necessary points when practicing anal sex:






In anal sex, hygiene is of utmost importance. No one will be surprised to know what is the fundamental function of the anus and rectum, and why hygiene is basic.

Yes, dear friends, the rectum and anus have the basic function of expelling waste from the body, in the form of poop. This function, intrinsically, means that the area is exposed to a high concentration of bacteria and dirt, which, if you do not have proper daily hygiene, will lead to very unpleasant sensations and odors.

And much more important still is having good hygiene in the area before practicing anal sex. Your sexual partner, surely, will want to play with your anus, kiss it, lick it … and  later, introduce his fingers, toys, penis … so for both, it is important that your anus is neat. In addition, it is very likely that this will give you more confidence in yourself, since you will feel clean and sure that it will be something pleasant for your sexual partner.

Once the anus is overcome, we have the inner area, the rectum.

In most cases, it is appreciated that during sex, the rectum is free of excrement and feces. Each body is different, and you will know better than anyone, how is your intestinal transit or digestion. Ideally, the stool should be compact and hard, and when expelled, practically not stain.

In cases where you have a good diet, without fats, and with enough fiber, this can happen. In these cases, you really don’t need to take any special care before having anal sex. Just try going to the bathroom to flush out the droppings before you clean up and your rectum is empty. Then … you will be ready!

In cases where the digestion and expulsion of waste does not work as well, you will notice how your stools are not as solid or compact and stain a lot. In these cases, the most advisable thing is that before you clean yourself externally, you carry out an enema, also known as an anal douche.

My personal advice is to do this simply with warm water. Fill the anal douche with lukewarm water, insert the tube into your anus about 5 – 7 cm and empty the water inside.

Then try to keep the water in as long as possible (2 – 4 minutes is enough). Next, sit on the toilet and flush out all the water, which in turn will wash away any leftover leftovers from your rectum.

Repeat this operation 3 or 4 times, until you notice that the water comes out clean. At that time, you will be ready for anal sex!


Don’t put too much water into your rectum at one time. This is a fairly common mistake! If you introduce too much water, it will pass from the rectum to the colon … it will remain there … and you will not be able to control when to expel it. And I am sorry to tell you, that surely, it will start to be expelled after an hour or two, when you will surely be in full sexual intercourse. How inopportune! (And in most cases … it does not come clean).

Do not use chemicals or commercial washes. These can end up irritating your rectum, in addition to killing the beneficial intestinal flora.

It is also common to find special adapters for the shower hose for douching, that work quite nice, but you must be VERY careful with the water pressure and temperature, before you introduce it in your ass. If you are a beginner, I recommend to simply use a normal anal douche.

If after trying it several times, you see that the water has not just come out clean … I’m sorry to tell you that today is not your day … sometimes it happens! Be honest with your partner and tell him that right now you don’t feel in a position to have anal sex. You can leave it for later, or simply do other practices … There are many other ways to give and receive pleasure.

It is also possible that, although you think that everything is in order, during penetration, you can stain a little. It’s weird if you’ve followed all these steps, but it can happen! Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. It has happened to everyone, and it is normal. Both you and your partner, you have to take it as something natural. Simply go to the bathroom or shower and clean it. And well … it is up to you whether to continue at that moment or not. I would recommend doing a quick enema in case there is any rest inside.


Lubrication in anal sex is something of the most important.

Before introducing anything into the anus, you have to apply some kind of lubricant that allows what you are going to introduce to slide smoothly. Otherwise, it is practically impossible to be able to enter anything, or at least to do so without causing extreme pain. And this obviously multiplies as the size of what we are going to introduce increases.

To lubricate the anus, it is advisable to use a good lubricant, including water-based lubricant, or silicone-based lubricant.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is best that you try them yourself and find out which one suits you best and you like the most.

Both are sold in different densities, take more or less to dry, and leave more or less residue (silicone lubricant usually costs a little more to clean). So the more you try, the sooner you will find the one that works for you.

There are also other kinds of lubricants, such as those made with natural oils, or powdered, so the range is very wide! And of course, we cannot forget the lubricant that we always carry with us, saliva! Nothing better than a good long ass meal, to lubricate the area thoroughly.

Something I would like to point out is that when using some lubricants, you can notice irritation, especially when it comes into contact with the lining of the rectum. If you notice a burning sensation, or burning, or irritation, change lubricant!

It is quite common that some of the components, for whatever reason, cause us a small reaction, and when having sex we notice an unpleasant and annoying sensation. This is the reason why some people, after trying it, end up hating anal sex! They have practiced it a couple of times, their anus and rectum have been irritated while doing it, feeling burning and burning, and they end up not wanting to do it again. And actually, it’s the lubricant’s fault, causing a bad reaction. In most cases where this occurs, simply by changing lubricant, you can begin to experience something completely different and wonderful.


Relaxation is essential. As we have seen at the beginning, the external sphincter is a muscle that we can control. But, we must learn to control it. When you relax the muscles in your body, the anus also relaxes. This is essential since if you are tense or nervous, your sphincter will close as you will contract the muscles in that area.

So that this does not happen, when you are about to be penetrated, (once the area is well lubricated), take a deep breath. As you notice the glans of your partner pressing against your anus, breathe, relax the legs, the buttocks, and you will see how little by little your anus begins to relax too, and the penis begins to make its way gradually sliding towards inside.

A good ass meal also works very well to relax the area. If you are the active one, playing for a few minutes with your tongue, running it over his anus, pressing against it, relaxing, and moistening well, will do wonders both lubricating and relaxing your partner’s anus.


Proper dilatation of the anal sphincters is the last part to consider before fully proceeding with penetration.

As we have said, the external sphincter can be opened voluntarily thanks to relaxation. And what about the internal sphincter? In this case, its opening naturally occurs completely involuntary, when the feces press on it from the inside.

Precisely one of its basic functions is to prevent the entry of objects that could damage the intestinal walls. This does not mean that it cannot be opened from the outside. It means that we are going to have to open it very carefully, so as not to cause any harm or pain. To do this, start by introducing something small and lubricated, very slowly, forcing the sphincter to open, slowly. It can be, for example, a finger.

Once we have managed to insert a finger, the sphincter is already open. Now we have to work on the expansion. You can remove that finger slowly, then insert it again, and repeat the operation 5 or 6 times, always slowly and well lubricated. Little by little, you will notice how the anus opposes less and less resistance, and it will dilate.

Then, you can try inserting two fingers, slowly, following the previous procedure (remove them, and reintroduce them repeatedly, very slowly and with lubricant). You can also leave them inside, and feel how the anus gradually adjusts to them (dilating more and more). Then you can try three.

Surely, after three fingers, you are already dilated enough to introduce a medium-sized penis.

When you have a little practice, this operation can be done directly with the penis, since your anus will already be used to dilating in this way. And in case you don’t know … the anus has a memory! And you will remember the feeling of being penetrated, putting less resistance the future times. But calm, no matter how much you penetrate it, it always returns to its original form.


Well, you’re ready for penetration now!

If you have followed all the previous steps, you will have no problem inserting a penis in your ass. You will be clean, lubricated, relaxed and dilated.

Also, you have to go slowly and carefully. The penis will enter easily, but the first penetration should be smooth, and wait for the anus to adapt and dilate to encompass the size of the penis. From there, you can gradually increase the intensity, speed, force of penetrations, and everything will go on wheels so … ENJOY!

If during penetration, once your anus begins to hurt, or you feel a touch too intense and it becomes unpleasant, it is probably due to lack of lubricant. Don’t hesitate to stop and apply more! The more lubricant, the better.

If you are using a condom (always VERY RECOMMENDED when you are having relationships with anyone who is not your stable partner) … you may notice a burning or irritation with some marks. This may be due to the fact that many condoms come lubricated, and as we saw before, some lubricants can cause a bad feeling. If this happens to you, switch brands of condoms until you find the one that suits you!

And finally … remember that at the beginning we said that the rectum was, on average, about 15 cm deep, after which there is a fold of the large intestine, right? Well yes … you guessed it. In many cases, when you introduce something larger than 17 cm (dildo or penis), you will notice a pressure on the inside of the rectum, which can be annoying, or even cause pain, since what you have entered will be colliding in that bowel fold. But hey, calm down! You know why this happens. If you feel pain or discomfort, simply tell your partner not to penetrate you so deeply.

The posture in which you are having sex also influences a lot. In some positions, penetration is deeper than in others, so in some positions, you may feel that discomfort, while in others it is not, the penis being the same size.

And well … this is it for now!

I hope this guide helps you get to know yourself a little better, and above all, it takes away your fear of exploring and practicing anal sex. And also, for those of you who left it aside because it hurt or caused unpleasant sensations … I encourage you to try again by following this guide. You will see that change!

  Normally, when anal sex is unpleasant, or hurts, or creates any unwanted sensation, it is for some of the causes that I have explained, and it is easily solved.

We, on My Dirtiest Fantasy, love anal sex!! And our boys are great takers… But porn movies are fantasies, and you must keep that on mind. Our models are sex professionals, and shooting a movie takes time and effort, so please don’t feel frustrated if you think that your anal skills are not as impressive as those that you see in porn. But for sure… following this guide, you will be a step closer to become a great bottom! ?

So … cheer up! Know yourself, know your body and practice! And you will be an amazing experienced bottom in no time.

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