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He fucked my soul with his feet!


Watch our new scene from Twink’s Feet at: https://join.mydirtiestfantasy.com/track/MTAxMDU1LjEwMDMwLjYwLjE2OC4wLjAuMC4wLjA

Danny Fontana doesn’t even needs his body or his dick to fuck you! It will be enough with his feet! Just watch how Kay gets the horniest just worshipping his feet!

New Studio: Public Jizz!


Watch the first scene of our new studio at https://join.mydirtiestfantasy.com/track/MTAxMDU1LjEwMDMwLjYwLjE2OC4wLjAuMC4wLjA

In this first scene Agus takes Bambi to do some cruising! But you won’t believe what happens next…

I must say I love the format of this new videos! I think that the logo represents exactly what this studio should be! Public Jizz has potential to push the established limits and it can widen the possibilities that our boys could have to express themselves sexually. I’m really hoping to see next scenes on different and novel scenarios like… maybe some backseats of a car? Maybe in the shopping mall bathrooms? A nudist beach? The front door of a building?! We’ll see!

Milking machine makes Caruso cum on bed!


NEW SCENE out NOW on https://join.mydirtiestfantasy.com/track/MTAxMDU1LjEwMDMwLjYwLjE2OC4wLjAuMC4wLjA!

Agus has a new toy and decides to try it with Caruso. While being tied on bed, Caruso tries the new milking machine that Agus puts on his cock until he cums.

Tied like a marionette for me!


NEW SCENE out NOW on https://join.mydirtiestfantasy.com/track/MTAxMDU1LjEwMDMwLjYwLjE2OC4wLjAuMC4wLjA!

Having a bitch tied from the ceiling is exciting, right? It feels like a marionette willing to do everything you want. In this case, Caruso will get fucked and suck that dick from Jonny Hakson!

Exploring Pleasure: Celebrating Self-Pleasure Month in the Fetish Community.


Greetings to all fetish lovers joining this intimate and thrilling exploration! This month, we delve into a topic that ignites our darkest passions and transports us to a world of sensual fantasies: masturbation. Join us as we celebrate Self-Pleasure Month from a fetish perspective.

Masturbation: More than an Act, a Ritual of Connection

In the fetish world, masturbation becomes a sacred act of connection with our deepest and darkest desires. From the gentle touch of leather on the skin to the sound of chains, fetish masturbation is a sensual dance between the mind and body, a journey to the heart of our wildest fantasies.

Demystifying Masturbation in the Fetish Community

Let’s debunk some common myths surrounding fetish masturbation:

  1. Only for the Adventurous: Fetish masturbation is for all those who dare to explore their wildest desires and embrace their sexuality without limits or inhibitions.
  2. Promotes Intimacy in Relationships: Fetish masturbation can enrich existing relationships by sharing our desires and fantasies with our partners in an intimate and consensual manner.
  3. Celebration of Diversity: In the fetish community, we celebrate the diversity of desires and fantasies. Each individual has their own preferences and fetishes, and fetish masturbation is an opportunity to explore and celebrate that diversity.

Benefits of Fetish Masturbation

Fetish masturbation offers a range of emotional and sexual benefits:

  1. Self-Exploration and Discovery: Fetish masturbation allows us to explore our darkest desires and discover what truly excites us. It’s a form of self-awareness that can enrich our sexual and emotional lives.
  2. Stress Reduction and Increased Pleasure: Immersing ourselves in a world of fetishes and fantasies can be incredibly relaxing and pleasurable. The release of endorphins during fetish masturbation can reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being.
  3. Strengthening Sexual Confidence: By embracing our fetishes and exploring our wildest fantasies, we can strengthen our sexual confidence and feel more secure in our skin.

Celebrating Fetish Pleasure

This Self-Pleasure Month, we invite all fetish lovers to celebrate their unique sexuality and explore the world of fetish pleasure without fear or shame. Fetish masturbation is a way to honor our deepest desires and connect with our sexuality in an authentic and liberating way.

Exploring New Horizons

In our upcoming articles, we’ll explore advanced techniques of fetish masturbation, tips for incorporating fetishes into partner masturbation, and how to take the fetish experience to the next level. Don’t miss out!

Chemsex; a brief exploration.



In recent years, the phenomenon of chemsex has emerged as a subject of discussion and concern, particularly within certain urban communities. Chemsex involves the use of specific drugs to enhance or facilitate sexual experiences, bringing together pleasure-seeking and a unique set of health and social challenges. This article explores the various aspects of chemsex, its motivations, associated risks, safer practices, and the importance of community support.

Understanding Chemsex:

  1. The Spectrum of Substances: Chemsex involves the use of various substances, each with its own set of effects. Methamphetamine, mephedrone, GHB/GBL, and ketamine are commonly associated with chemsex, contributing to heightened sensations, increased stamina, and reduced inhibitions.
  2. Motivations Behind Chemsex: Individuals engage in chemsex for a variety of reasons, ranging from seeking heightened pleasure to addressing social and psychological needs. The desire to enhance sexual experiences, increase sociability, or escape from daily stressors can drive individuals towards chemsex.

Risks and Health Concerns:

  1. Addiction and Mental Health: Prolonged engagement in chemsex can lead to addiction, impacting both physical and mental well-being. Individuals may experience heightened anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges as a result of substance misuse.
  2. Physical Health Consequences: The drugs commonly associated with chemsex can have severe physical health consequences, affecting the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Regular substance use may lead to long-term health issues, necessitating a comprehensive understanding of the associated risks.

Safer Practices and Harm Reduction:

  1. Education and Awareness: Promoting awareness about the risks associated with chemsex is crucial. Educating individuals about the potential physical and mental health consequences empowers them to make informed decisions.
  2. Regular Testing for STIs: Given the intimate nature of chemsex, the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is heightened. Regular testing and practicing safer sex are vital components of harm reduction strategies.
  3. Consent and Communication: Clear communication about boundaries and consent is paramount in any sexual activity, including chemsex. Establishing open lines of communication helps create a safe and respectful environment.

Community Support and Resources:

  1. Outreach Programs: Community-based outreach programs play a pivotal role in providing support and education. These programs aim to address the unique needs of individuals engaged in chemsex, offering resources and guidance.
  2. Counseling Services: Access to mental health and substance abuse counseling is crucial for those grappling with addiction. Professionals can provide tailored support, helping individuals navigate the challenges associated with chemsex.


Chemsex is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon that requires a nuanced and compassionate approach. By fostering awareness, promoting safer practices, and providing community support, we can work towards minimizing the risks associated with chemsex. It is essential to approach this topic with empathy, recognizing the diverse motivations behind chemsex and advocating for the well-being of individuals navigating this challenging landscape.

Bugchasing; the HIV self-harm.


The red ribbon; a symbol of solidarity with HIV-infected patients.

What is Bugchasing?

The term refers to individuals who actively seek to become infected with HIV or other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It is crucial to emphasize that this behavior is not representative of the broader LGBTQ+ community, and it is not supported by public health organizations.

Here are some key points about bug chasing:

  1. Controversial and Stigmatized: Bug chasing is a highly stigmatized and controversial practice.
  2. Motivations: The motivations behind bug chasing can vary widely and may include complex psychological, social, or emotional factors. Some individuals may have a desire for intimacy, a sense of belonging, or even a form of rebellion. These motivations don’t justify or excuse the potential harm associated with seeking STIs intentionally.
  3. Health Risks: Intentionally seeking STIs, including HIV, poses severe health risks. HIV is a life-threatening condition that weakens the immune system, making the infected individual susceptible to various opportunistic infections and diseases.
  4. Public Health Messages: Public health organizations and LGBTQ+ advocacy groups emphasize safe sex practices, regular testing, and open communication about sexual health. The promotion of responsible sexual behavior is essential to prevent the spread of STIs and protect individual and public health.
  5. Isolation: Individuals engaged in bug chasing may face social isolation and rejection from both mainstream and LGBTQ+ communities due to the associated stigma and concerns about public health.

How to prevent it.

It’s crucial to clarify that bug chasing is not a medical condition that can be “cured” in the traditional sense.

Addressing bug chasing involves a multi-faceted approach that includes education, mental health support, and harm reduction.

  1. Education and Awareness:
    • Promote comprehensive sex education that includes information about the risks and consequences of intentional STI transmission.
    • Disseminate accurate information about HIV and other STIs to dispel myths and misconceptions.
    • Conduct public health campaigns to increase awareness of safer sex practices and the importance of regular testing.
  2. Mental Health Support:
    • Provide mental health resources and support for individuals struggling with underlying psychological issues that may contribute to bug chasing behaviors.
    • Encourage open discussions about mental health within communities to reduce stigma and encourage seeking professional help when needed.
  3. Community Engagement:
    • Foster a sense of community and belonging that does not involve engaging in risky behaviors. This may include creating safe spaces for open dialogue and support within LGBTQ+ communities.
  4. Harm Reduction Strategies:
    • Promote harm reduction strategies to minimize the potential health risks associated with unsafe behaviors. This includes distributing information on safer sex practices, the importance of regular testing, and the availability of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention.
  5. Legal and Ethical Considerations:
    • Consider legal and ethical measures to address situations where individuals may be intentionally transmitting infections to others. Legal frameworks and public health policies may play a role in discouraging such behaviors.

In conclusion…

It’s important to approach discussions about bug chasing with sensitivity and an understanding that this behavior is NOT representative of the broader LGBTQ+ community. Public health campaigns focus on education, awareness, and promoting safe and responsible sexual practices to prevent the transmission of STIs and support the well-being of individuals within these communities.

Last Christmas, I gave you my ass!


Last Christmas, I gave you my ass…

But the very next day, you fucked my best friend.

This year, I’m fucking your dad!

And also, I’m fucking your cousin!

These lines could serve as inspiration for a series of our videos. However, we already had enough inspiration with Oli Smith and Nico Vegas. We hope you had an amazing Christmas season and that you enjoyed our scenes! Today, we’ll talk a bit about how it was to record and edit these scenes.

Innocence and perversion.

Oli Smith still has a long way to walk when it comes to being a porn actor, but the potential he’s been unleashing lately is enormous. He knows how to pretend being a 18 years old that doesn’t knows what he’s doing. He has the naivety in his eyes and the purity of haven’t been corrupted yet. But hey, maybe he knows more than he’s letting us know! Anyway, Nico Vegas is there to show him everything he needs to experience and to fully corrupt his elf!

He’ll start slow, lubricating his ass with spit and drooling like a baby for that hole, because in no time he’s going to be stretching his arse with dildos as you can see in the main picture!

Are you going to miss how he fucks Oli Smith? Join us now and watch!

Mechanophilia: Machine Lovers

What was so kinky about doing it on the car?

You already know that in mydirtiestfantasy.com we explore all kinds of fetishes. There’s one though that I think we haven’t got too much into it, and that one is the mechanophilia. (or mechaphilia if you want to save words when talking).

The thing is, people who have mechaphilia get so fucking excited when they are around machines or technology, I read on the internet about guys who had sex with their cars or people who develop somehow as a love relationship with their machines. What’s better than the internet to discover about the weirdest shit you could ever find?

But no judgement here, you got to admit; if you have mechanophilia you are weird as hell, not so many people can enjoy sex and affection with machines, and if you do that, you are also special. And being weird ain’t a bad thing.

This is a message to Timmy Treasure, our beloved and almighty director; when will we have an scene where two guys have sex with a fridge? Or maybe a vacuum cleaner? Think about it; who’s gonna blow cock better than a vacuum cleaner? It could compete with the other model who’s sucking cock in the scene, first the model sucks cock and then the vacuum cleaner; the competition will be won by whoever sucks better, ideas have a prize, and I’m giving you a free one. Give me a raise.

Last scene reminded me so much about this fetish… Cum Maniac has a strange way of doing things, and I’m sure there was something more into the producers minds when they thought about putting Erik Devil on that car.

Sex Work!

Either in the kitchen or anywhere else, our boys know how to be excellent sex workers at mydirtiestfantasy.com!

Sex work is a complex and multifaceted issue that involves the exchange of sexual services for money or goods. Opinions on sex work vary widely, often shaped by cultural, legal, and ethical perspectives. Here, we’ll discuss various aspects of that, including its history, types, legal status, and some of the challenges and debates surrounding it.

1. History of Sex Work:

  • It has a long history and has existed in various forms across different cultures and time periods.
  • In some societies, it was historically regarded as a legitimate profession, while in others, it was stigmatized and criminalized.

2. Types of Sex Work:

  • It encompasses a range of activities, including street prostitution, escorting, pornography as we do in mydirtiestfantasy.com, webcam modeling, and more.
  • Not all sex work involves direct physical contact, as some forms are entirely online or involve the production and distribution of sexual content.

3. Legal Status:

  • The legal status varies greatly from country to country and even within regions of the same country.
  • Some countries, such as the Netherlands and Germany, have legalized and regulated aspects of sex work, including brothels and escort services.
  • In contrast, many countries criminalize various forms of it viewing it as illegal activity.

4. Debates and Controversies:

  • Debates surrounding this often revolve around issues of consent, exploitation, and workers’ rights.
  • Advocates for sex workers argue that decriminalization or legalization can improve safety and working conditions for those in the industry.
  • Opponents raise concerns about human trafficking, coercion, and the objectification of individuals in the sex industry.

5. Health and Safety:

  • Sex workers face unique health and safety challenges, including a higher risk of exposure to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and violence.
  • Advocacy groups work to promote safer sex practices and access to healthcare for sex workers.

6. Human Trafficking:

  • Human trafficking for sexual exploitation is a serious concern, and it is important to distinguish between consensual sex work and instances of coercion and trafficking.
  • Efforts to combat trafficking often focus on law enforcement, victim support, and awareness campaigns.

7. Changing Attitudes and Legislation:

  • Over the years, attitudes toward sex work have evolved, with some countries reevaluating their approach to legislation.
  • Movements advocating for the rights and safety of sex workers have gained momentum in various parts of the world.

8. Intersectionality and Marginalization:

  • It’s crucial to recognize that it intersects with other issues such as gender, poverty, and discrimination.
  • Many individuals in the sex industry face additional challenges due to systemic inequalities.

In conclusion, sex work is a multifaceted and contentious topic with a rich history and varying legal and ethical considerations. Debates surrounding this work often center on issues of consent, exploitation, and human rights. As discussions continue, it’s essential to approach the subject with empathy, respect for diverse perspectives, and a focus on the well-being and safety of those involved in the industry.