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How to: Shibari in BDSM for begginers!

The professional porn actor Joaquin Santana wearing the chest harness and the hip harness in one of our bondage sessions.

Let’s start with the basics.

Shibari, also known as Japanese rope bondage, is a form of rope bondage that originated in Japan. It typically involves the use of rope to create intricate patterns on the body, which can be both aesthetically pleasing, sexually and spiritually stimulating. 

Shibari and BDSM are two practices that often go hand-in-hand. 

When used together, Shibari and BDSM can create a powerful sexual connection between partners. The rope can be used to create a sense of physical and emotional closeness, while the BDSM activities can add an extra layer of excitement and intensity. The combination can be truly intoxicating, and even addictive for some.

Exploring Shibari.

If you’re interested in exploring Shibari with your partner, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, communication is key. Make sure you discuss your desires, limits, and boundaries with your partner before getting started. It’s also important to be safe and use proper safety precautions, such as using quality rope and ensuring that knots are tied securely. And finally, don’t forget to have fun! Shibari can be an incredibly erotic and satisfying experience for both partners when done right. Shibari also has a number of benefits beyond the sexual. The act of tying and being tied can be incredibly meditative and relaxing, and can help to create a deep sense of connection between partners. It can also be used as a form of self-expression, and can be an incredibly empowering experience for those who engage in it. 

Key Tips.

When engaging in Shibari, it is important to be aware of a few key safety precautions. First, always use quality rope. This will help to avoid rope burns and other injuries. Second, make sure knots are tied securely. This will help to prevent the rope from coming undone and potentially causing injury. Finally, communication is key. Discuss your desires, limits, and boundaries with your partner before getting started. This will help to ensure that both partners are on the same page and that everyone is comfortable and safe.

Patterns and how to. 

There are a variety of different patterns that can be used when doing Shibari. Some of the most popular include the single column tie, the chest harness and the hip harness. Each of these patterns can be used to create a different effect and can be adjusted to fit the individual’s needs. When choosing a pattern, it is important to consider the individual’s comfort level and what you hope to achieve. For beginners, it is often best to start with a simpler pattern and build up to more complex ones. With practice, you’ll be able to create any number of different patterns to suit your needs.

Here are ways to do two of the most popular patterns for you to enjoy with your partner:

How to do a Shibari chest harness:

  1. Start by tying a rope around the person’s chest, just below the breasts.
  2. Make sure the rope is tight, but not too tight. 
  3. Cross the rope over the person’s back, and tie it in the front. 
  4. Cross the rope again in the back, and tie it in the front. 
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have a lattice-like pattern. 
  6. Tie the rope off in the front, and trim the excess.

How to do a Shibari hip harness:

  1. Measure your hips and choose the appropriate size rope for your body. 
  2. Fold the rope in half and tie a basic knot at the center. 
  3. Wrap the rope around your hips, crossing the rope in the front and passing it under your butt. 
  4. Tie a knot in the front, making sure the rope is tight but not too tight. 
  5. Take the ends of the rope and tie them together in a basic knot. 
  6. You can adjust the tightness of the rope by pulling on the ends of the rope. 

Want to improve your BJ skills? Here’s some tips!


Start slowly…

When you’re about to start giving a blowjob it is important to start slowly, especially if he isn’t rock hard yet. You’ll have to get him hard before our mouth. So, you can start with little licks on his glans and lick all the way down to his balls. Once you feel this is enough, now’s the time to get the cock inside your mouth to start sucking him off. There are men whom like the depth, so if this is the case you might want to move on to a deep throat. However, if your partner rather his glans receiving all the pleasure, you should lick and suck off that area essentially.

Don’t forget to use your hands

Hands can be the perfect partners when you’re giving a blowjob if you can keep the rhythm with your mouth. If you’re arrhythmic, maybe this isn’t ideal for you. We advise you to do it one by one and repeat.


Adopt a good posture…

Your posture is important and is essential for the pleasure of both parts. However, cocks come in all shapes and sizes, so to increase the pleasure you might want to adapt your posture to be aligned with his. If a curved cock is presented to you, you may want him to be standing and you kneeling, or even a sixty-nine position.

Keep your teeth as far away as possible

Maybe you and your man are fanatics of torture sex and you use to bite each other your cocks. So, it’s okay. But if not, be careful my friend!

Change the rhythm, strength and intensity

You won’t keep your boy excited for long if you only have one repetitive posture. He probably will get bored. So, you can change the intensity, first slow then faster, switching between mouth and hands. Your boy won’t know what you’ll do next and that will drive him crazy. However, for the final moments, the same at the rhythm and strength may be the successful method for a gooey facial.

Look him in the eyes

Look at him. Don’t doubt to look at his face and torso while you’re licking and sucking his cock. It’s an extra sexual desire added.

Remember he has balls!

Don’t forget his balls. For many men it brings them great pleasure to touch and suck off his balls. You can mix two techniques: sucking them and holding them softly with your hand.

How to end

Decide how you’ll want the blowjob to end. If you don’t mind your partner shooting in your mouth or over another part of your body (your own penis for example) don’t doubt to mention this to him. This will be more pleasurable for both of you!

Wet Dream Academy

Why do twinks love “Daddies”?


Going out in the gay community is like a trip back to high school, with various types of men clustering in groups at the grown-up playground that is a bar. It’s a pretty consistent cast of characters, really. You’ve got your “jock” types, the androgynous vixens, the “bears,” the “twinks” and the “daddies.”

There is a consistent pattern that plays out among the “twinks” and the “daddies.” It’s a tale as old as time: daddy’s eyes twink, twink eyes daddy, and they both end together for the rest of the evening, often going home together. And at My Dirtiest Fantasy know well what happens after

What is it about this scenario that makes it so typical in the gay community? Why is a young boy so much more likely to notice the Batman-like security guard than the Robin-ish gogo boy dancing nearly naked on the platform?

The following are the most common reasons why “twinks” attract to “daddies” like children are attracted to a busted piñata. 

1. Do What You Wish With My Body

The “gracefully” aged gentlemen among us are seasoned within the art of dating, and they are well aware of their desires and intentions. They waste no time making a move and going through with it. The twinks prefer this to the other hesitant younger guys, who are more likely to “eye-fuck” you from across the room without ever actually approaching you. No time for that.

 2. Size Matters

 It’s very typical: men north of their thirties are typically bigger. Whether they’re built, stocky or full-on buff, the sturdier size is appealing to the younger and slimmer “twink.” Young men like someone to hold on to–or better yet- someone to hold on to them. This isn’t the wilderness, and two sticks just don’t make a fire in the gay world.

  3. Get It Together

“Daddys” are more likely to be established. That isn’t to say that twinks are always looking for a sugar daddy or gaggles of gifts. It’s more about the overall stability of an older guy. Young men are going through the trials and tribulations of “finding themselves” and trying to figure my their life out, naturally they are likely to be attracted to someone who’s already been through that and has lived to see the other side. Nobody wants to be surrounded by a clone of them self, complete with their own set of their problems.

4. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Twinks like to be around someone who has a different perspective than themselves. If a twink is interested in the economic and social climate from when he was even old enough to be conscious of that the hell was going on. If he asks someone his age, the ‘90’s were all about Nickelodeon and Disneyland… but, there was some real crap going on that he never would have known about if not for the recounts of older guys.

5. Call Me Your PYT

The late Michael Jackson appreciated a pretty young guy by his side, and conveniently for “twinks,” so do the “daddies.”  And a fact is that opposites attract. You had better believe that a twink is packing a good face and a cute outfit to match his bubbling personality wherever he goes. “Daddies” like to feel macho, and what better way to achieve this than to have a cute little someone under their arm? Both guys in this relationship will be eager to show off their dates to their friends, thinking that they’re the lucky one in the couple.

With all of these points, we’re all more capable of going around the club or bar scene. We also can say confidently that Batman and Robin surely were more than just co-workers. Just saying.

What is it about this scenario that makes it so typical in the gay community? Why is a young boy so much more likely to notice the Batman-like security guard than the Robin-ish gogo boy dancing nearly naked on the platform?


fisting guide

Today, we are going to talk about fisting, more specifically, about anal fisting.

fisting guide

We live in a time where we try to break taboos, get to know ourselves, explore our own body, our sexuality and our mind, without being inhibited by anything, without prejudice and with an open mind.

For this reason, many sexual practices that have been a taboo or stigma for many years, considered as practices that only the sexual depraved performed, are becoming more and more popular, and more and more people are feeling curious to experiment.

For those who still do not know what it is. Basically, we will say that it is a sexual practice that consists of inserting the hand into the anus of another person. For some, this is something completely unimaginable. Myself, before entering the world of fetish and BDSM, I would never have imagined that this was possible. Instead, I have to say that to this day, it is one of my favourite practices!


Fisting isn’t just for experts. Anyone can practice fisting, but of course, it is not something that can be done overnight. It requires training and patience to prepare the body.


The first step, of course, is to train the anal muscles so that they can expand sufficiently. For this, the most normal thing is to use anal toys, dildos, butt plugs… starting with a small diameter, which is comfortable.

Little by little, you can increase the diameter of the dildos that you use. Every time you go bigger, take it easy. At first, it will be difficult to introduce them, do it slowly, without haste and with a lot of lube. After several days, you will see how your anus has become used to relaxing and dilating to that point and you will be able to insert it more easily. At that point, you are ready to go up in size. It is also advisable to leave a few days of rest between the days of practices, since micro-cracks can occur in the skin, which is important to heal.

fisting guide dildo image


When your anus is used to dilating and relaxing to a considerable extent after a few weeks of training, you can start taking action!

At this point, the most important thing is communication with the person who is going to introduce his or her hand. You must guide them at all times, specially the first times you try to do this practice. Indicating if he should apply more pressure to insert the hand, or should stop because it hurts, etc.

Something really to keep in mind is the lubricant. As we have said, lubricating both the hand and the ass very well is very important. And for this, it is best to use a specific lubricant for fisting. There are many on the market and each one must find the one that suits him best. Make sure it lubricates well, does not give you allergies or makes you feel burning inside the anus. You will have to try, but the ones that usually work best for everyone are powdered fisting lubricants, without chemicals. Then before the fisting session, you have to mix it with warm water. You can give it the viscosity that you like the most, so it is perfect for everyone! And it depends on the brand, but it usually lasts 2 or 3 days mixed. Then it must be discarded as it does not carry chemicals.

Another very important thing is the position of your partner’s hand. There is a highly studied position, which is recommended for practicing FISTING, especially for beginners.

It basically consists of putting all the fingers of the hand together, pointing forward, and arching the hand a little while putting the thumb into the palm of the hand, but also pointing forward.

By placing the hand in this way, you achieve the hand to be as thin as possible at the tip, and it gradually opens the anus. Starting with the tips of the fingers until it ends at the wrist, once completely inserted.

A tip that usually works for the first few times is, insert your hand to the point you can bear, then remove it for a few seconds to let the muscles rest, then insert it a little more, remove it again… And repeat this operation to that the hand of your companion goes little by little deepening. With a little effort and a lot of lubricant, you will notice that the hand is sliding more and more towards the inside of your anus.

It is not common that in the first attempt it is achieved, unless in the training phase, you have managed to introduce toys of considerable proportions.

If you don’t get it the first time, don’t worry. Wait a few days and try again. And so on, until the big day arrives!


I want to explain to you the sensations that you will experience the first time you manage to insert another person’s hand into your anus.

The hand, in the position that we have discussed before, will enter quite well to the point of past the fingers. Once that point is passed, both you and your partner will notice that the resistance is very great. Again, repeat that communication is essential.

At this point you should focus a lot on relaxation. Breathe deeply, take a breath and exhale it slowly, while relaxing, relax the anal sphincter as much as you can. Your partner should at this point apply a little extra pressure on the hand to overcome the resistance of your anal muscles. Little by little, you will notice how your anus opens even more and the hand begins to penetrate. If it hurts a lot, tell your partner to pull their hand out and let you relax even more. If the pain is mild (there is always some pain at first). Your partner can continue pressing until the wind area is passed.

At that moment, you will notice how the entire hand slides into your anus alone… and you will feel for the first time one of the most indescribable sensations that a person can experience in sex.

fisting guide

You will feel completely full, excited by the curiosity of what is happening, sharing that moment of supreme intimacy with another person. And added to all this, you will feel a lot of pleasure due to the pressure that the hand will be doing on your prostate, and on all the nerve endings in your anus.

After a few seconds of ecstasy, if you notice that it hurts, or the feeling overwhelms you, tell your partner to slowly remove their hand. To do this, you must remain relaxed so that your anal muscles do not make a lot of force and it does not hurt when you take it out.

Once your partners hand is out, breathe, take a breath, and be proud of yourself! For the first time in your life, you have been able to do fisting.

In this first session, you can repeat getting fisted, but surely your anus will be a bit sore from the effort.


In following fisting sessions, repeating the entire process above, you will realise that it is becoming easier for you to learn to relax, as you will gradually become familiar with the sensations.

fisting guide hand in ass

You will notice that once your partner introduces his hand and takes it out a few times very slowly, your anal muscles will be completely dilated so the practice of putting in and taking out the hand at a little more speed will be done more easily.

With this, you will begin to enjoy not only the pleasure that comes from having your hand inside, but also the pleasure that comes from putting it in and taking it out, both physically and mentally, seeing that your ass puts less and less resistance, and your sensations will be completely full, to be fully open.

fisting guide in the pool
fisting guide fetish

Remember to always add lubricant and never let the area to be dry!

Well, this was the first part of our complete guide to fisting!

In the second part, we will talk about the fisting techniques that only the very experienced people can do. Keep practicing!

If you love fisting, we have lots of hot fisting videos on our porn site. Don’t miss them!

Timmy Treasure

My Dirtiest Fantasy.

Galiel Gets Abused And Covered In Cum!


Definition Of Trust

Surely Galiel Swan’s predicament at the start of this terrific scene with Izan Loren is the definition of trust. Tied up with a tapestry of rope, totally unable to escape anything that his assailant wishes to do.

Of course, guys, it’s a totally safe environment. But there’s still that undeniable element of fear in Galiel’s eyes when Izan pulls out his whip. The concern in the boy that he might not be up for the task in hand. And fuck does that make this encounter hot or what?!

Safe Place, Safe Space

In reality, of course, we all know that this is a safe place. We also know that Galiel is about to have the time of his fucking life. Izan’s a veritable pro when it comes to satisfy horny subs like this – and believe me he doesn’t disappoint. Seriously, the guys at www.mydirtiestfantasy.com know exactly what they’re doing putting this guy in charge.

Whipped To A Frenzy

All of which begins with Izan whipping the lucky lad into a frenzy. Whilst Galiel can literally do nothing to stop the barrage of slashes aimed in his direction.

Under normal circumstances you’d be forgiven for thinking all this was wild abuse. Here, however, it’s fucking obvious that Galiel is enjoying every minute of the attention.

Centre of Attention

Being the centre of attention only intensifies further when Izan then hangs the lad up from the ceiling. The boy’s arse now fully exposed for whatever action is destined to come its way.

Cue a fantastic session of spanking and rimming that really seems to get Galiel even more in the mood than before. At which point Izal turns his attention to the lad’s mouth and forces him to deep-throat.

Hole-Stretching Finale!

But the stunning finale here comes when Izan finally decides to put Galiel’s arse-hole to the ultimate use. Pushing his raw dick deep inside and riding the horny bitch for all he’s worth. It’s a move that gets the youngster worked up beyond measure.

In fact, it’s little wonder that Galiel is quite literally gagging for cum by the time his mate is finished. Leading to the wondrous site of Izan blasting a fine wad of jizz right down Galiel’s throat. Seriously, if this doesn’t turn you on, surely nothing else will.

All in all, a brilliant offering from www.mydirtiestfantasy.com that had me jerking like crazy from beginning to spunk-loaded end. A total class act that I know you’re gonna fucking love as much as me!

The Love That Dares To Speak Its Name – Again!


Religious Desecration!

Desecration is most definitely the order of the day for this second part of www.mydirtiestfantasy.com’s Easter extravaganza. Indeed, it’s best to find something else to watch if you’re easily offended. After all, pissing on a crucifix is not your typical type of veneration. But that’s exactly what Leo Marco does here. Dressed up in priestly attire, but acting very much the demon.

Lifted Up High!

Fans of these kind of kinky antics will be sweetly satisfied. Right from the moment that young Gabrix Volpe gets lifted up on a cross for a blowjob. In reality, crucifixion was a barbaric form of execution. Here it gets exonerated into a kinky fetish for everyone to enjoy.

Believe me, Leo doesn’t hold back for a moment as he deep-throats his cute charge’s handsome ramrod. Feasting on all that hard flesh with the kind of enthusiasm surely expected from a priest. Plus the action only continues once Gabrix is lowered from the cross – the cue for the piss-fest previously referred to.

Piss Fest!

No question about it, Leo’s clearly been holding off from a loo break for some time. Standing on the altar to let rip. The result is a serious flood that leaves both Gabrix and Jesus utterly soaked. A real treat for anyone who gets off on piss play. Or who just loves the religious kink on raw display.

Altar Wank

The altar is then put to full use. Not in the distribution of bread and wine. Instead, Gabrix is laid out at full stretch so that Leo can play with that gorgeous cock of his. Wanking it furiously for all he’s worth, and savouring every inch in the process.

No wonder that Gabrix soon finds himself at the point of no return, guys. Pumping out a fabulous wad of pent-up jizz that serves as a fitting response to this display of wild perversion.

In short, another soul-warming from the guys at www.mydirtiestfantasy.com that’s just as filthy and disrespectful as the first part. So head to the perviest gay site on the net and let your soul relish the filth to the full!

The Love That Dares To Speak Its Name


In light of yesterday’s fantastic Easter-inspired addition to www.mydirtiestfantasy, we thought you might like this. A rather kinky interpretation of the Jesus story by the poet James Kirkup. Published in 1976, it was instantly controversial. It’s not difficult to see why.


Love One Another As I Have Loved You!


Easter Celebration!

For Christians all over the world, Easter marks the commemoration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. To help mark the occasion, the guys at www.mydirtiestfantasy.com have come up with a kinky addition to their website. One you sure as hell won’t want to miss. As the promo says, your prayers have most definitely been answered.

What’s more, it another fantastic two-parter, which always adds to the pleasure.

Filthy and Provocative

Those of a more sacrilegious nature may wanna look away. But we’ve a sneaking suspicion there aren’t gonna many fans of www.mydirtiestfantasy.com who will be too bothered. This kinky addition is deliberately provocative. Which, if anything, makes the encounter between Leo Marco and Gabrix Volpe even fucking hotter!

Inspired by John’s gospel, where Jesus tells his disciples to love one another, these two lads do exactly that. But believe us, there’s nothing mundane or vanilla about the love displayed here. Fact is, these boys are definitely a couple of very kinky buddies. Indeed, it doesn’t take many minutes before they’re both out of their flowing white robes to enjoy the pleasures of hard cock.

Which for Gabrix means getting down on his knees and slurping on Leo’s handsome ramrod!

Cross Fuck!

After which delight the kinky additon of a cross is put to very good use. Gabrix pushed hard up against the wood so that his mate can push his hard wood deep inside his hole!

Cue a fantastic, chain-strained fuck that will have you filthy worshippers wanking like fury. No doubt about it, this is definitely a scene you won’t wanna miss for a single second. Easter eggs or no Easter eggs!

Cumshot Extraordinaire!

But what topped all this off fabulously for me was Leo’s truly stupendous cumshot. Fuck me, it’s a real treat for any fan of money-shots. Indeed, I can’t help feeling that young Gabrix was a little taken by surprise. Blasting out at the speed of light, it nigh on almost blinds the poor lad. A real generous multi-squirter that leaves the boy’s face drenched in man-love! Literally!!

Seriously, this is one fucking hot scene that you won’t wanna miss for a second. So head to www.mydirtiestfantasy.com right now and enjoy every filthy, disrespectful, profane second of this kinky addition. Your souls really will thank you for it, believe me.

And even if your soul doesn’t, your cock definitely will!

Review: Jacob Gets Milked And Tortured By Izan


Second Round:-

Just a few weeks ago we relished newbie, Jacob Moon, being pushed to the limits by My Dirtiest Fantasy favourite, Izan Loren. Now we’re all set to enjoy a second round of wild and perverse fornication between these two wild beauties. There’ll be no disappointment for you filthy-minded fans.

Having enjoyed a quick reminder of what these two fuck-buddies got up to, it’s full steam ahead. Jacob is strapped to a bench. His dick poking through a conveniently positioned hole. Once the formality of a little smooching is done, Izan gives his mate’s handsome cock the attention it deserves. And believe me when I tell you that he doesn’t hold back for a second. Then again, what else would you expect from this handsome stud? He’s a phallus-loving stud of the highest order, who knows what to do to get maximum pleasure from a shaft. A little bit of baby-oil only adding to the pleasure.

Introduction of a St Andrew’s Cross:-

But if you think all that’s intense, then believe me you ain’t seen nothing yet. The guys at My Dirtiest Fantasy know exactly how to build up the tension. The introduction of a St Andrew’s Cross will be enough of a hint to tell you that things are quickly gonna get even hotter between these two horned-up beauties. A hint that soon becomes firm reality, that’s for sure.

Jacob can do nothing once he’s safely cuffed to the cross. A fact that Izan is clearly aware of, as he begins to tease and torture the young lad’s naked flesh and nipples. Little wonder that the boy has a badly swollen cock whilst all this is happening. This kind of abuse seriously turns the lad on, which if anything only adds to the enjoyment that we as viewers are experiencing.

Devotion To Cock and Perversion:-

It’s only natural, however, that Izan’s attention eventually returns to his young charge’s crotch, however. I mean, how in the fuck could anyone ignore a raging boner like that? As such, the final minutes of this outstanding performance centre very much on the stud’s devotion to Jacob’s throbbing ramrod. Sucking for all he’s worth on every inch of flesh on offer. Before ultimately brining the guy off with the hand-job to end all hand-jobs. No surprise that Jacob is soon spurting for all he’s worth in all directions. A creamy, satisfying crescendo that will almost certainly be accompanied by similar explosions across the world from you wonderful fans!

The action ends with the fabulous sight of Izan walking away with a jizz-load of spunk dripping from his stubble. That was almost enough to get me blasting a second load of cum out of my balls all on its own!

In short, another top-notch performance from two of the filthiest cock-fiends on the net!


Review: Tied Up, Face Fucked And More! Angel Gets It All!


Come on, let’s face it, how many of us could say no to the sight of young Angel Black tied up on a bed? Seriously, I very much doubt that there are many gay guys like myself who could resist – although as fans of My Dirtiest Fantasy probably already know by now I do have a certain soft spot for this horny young lad.

Well, I say soft spot – actually, hard spot is a much more accurate description!

Fuck me, I only had to see his toothy grin to go all squidgy inside, and the fact that he’s all bundled up with rope on this particular occasion only makes him all the more desirable. Little fucking wonder that Nathan Gold – who we last saw helping give Daniel Kerrington’s arse a good stretching courtesy of a fuck machine! – is as eager as eager can be when he sees the young lad. Diving down into the lad’s hairless crotch to give the boy’s dick a very energetic oral workout!

Of course, you don’t need to be too much of an expert to realise that what Nathan really wants to do is bury his dick deep inside Angel’s arse, and I’ll be totally honest here and tell you that I don’t blame him at all. I’ve had some seriously horny wanks to the thought of doing exactly the same, I don’t mind telling you now. Angel’s definitely one of my top ranking models – or should that be one of my top wanking models?! LOL – and I would give fucking anything to stick my knob inside his pert little arse.

Sadly for me, seeing a stud like Nathan doing just that is gonna always be the nearest that I ever get to fulfilling such a goal – but hey, if this offering from My Dirtiest Fantasy is anything to go by then it’s a pretty decent alternative. Geez, the young stud doesn’t hold back for a second as he gives Angel’s deliciously smooth arse a good rimming, before burying his throbbing dick inside the boy and riding him like the bitch that he surely is.

Now I’m not exactly sure how comfortable Angel actually is from this point onwards – he sure makes some satisfying groaning sounds as his pucker gets the hardcore stretching it deserves, but the look on his face seems to suggest that it’s not as easy a ride as he might have been anticipating. But I’m gonna sound a bit of a bastard now and say that if anything that makes this raw fuck even more fuckin exciting for me. What’s more, I don’t think I’m gonna be alone in thinking that. Let the little slut work for his money, you know what I mean! LOL

Joking aside though, these two lads are simply divine to watch together, and I dumped a serious load long before Nathan eventually complements Angel’s gorgeous face with a thick wad of hot spunk, which the horny bottom laps up with relish.

Filthy little fucker! But then that’s why I adore the boy so fucking much!

What’s more, we’ll be able to see more of him with Nathan later this month. It probably goes without saying that I can hardly fucking wait!